Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

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We Do Wedding Photography

Don Orkoskey photographing a weddingAt WDO Photography we do wedding photography in Pittsburgh and throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia, Eastern Ohio, and destinations by request. We pride ourselves on being professional, responsive, and affordable.

Principal photographer W. Donald Orkoskey has more than 20 years experience photographing weddings, events, portraits, and more. Weddings are one of Don’s favorite subjects to photograph. Telling the story of your wedding is an honor that Don takes very serious as does his second photographer and assistant Sarah Colligan who has worked with him since 2008.

We’re responsive not only to be before the wedding but also after. We guarantee you’ll see your photos within three weeks of your wedding day. If you want a photo touched up we’re happy to do so. If you’ve purchased the rights to your photos but lost the disc we’re happy to burn you a new one.
We understand that weddings are expensive and will work with you on finding a price to fit your budget. We also gladly accept installment payments and you don’t need to purchase anything extra like photo albums, digital rights, or prints before the wedding and we even lock in the prices for a year after your wedding allowing you to enjoy your honeymoon and have plenty of time to let your finances recover.

Your Wedding

wedding jewelryYou deserve the best on your wedding day. Few other life events compare to your wedding and having a wedding photographer that you trust, that will provide you outstanding photos, and that you enjoy working with is critical.

Your wedding photos are a record of all the events of the day, they’re a way to share your special day with friends and family who were not able to be there, they’re a way to share your wedding with future generations too. Your wedding photos capture and forever preserve moments big and small, the details you might otherwise forget as time goes by, and they remind you of how you felt on that perfect day when you said I do.

Weddings are hectic for the couple and as many times as you’re told you won’t understand until it happens just how quickly your wedding day is over. Having a photographer you can trust there to capture all of the details means you can relax and enjoy the day.