About WDO Wedding Photography

About WDO Photography

My name is W. Donald (Don) Orkoskey. After working for more than a decade photographing weddings, events, portraits, news, and sports under the guidance of several other great photographers I founded WDO Photography in 2007. I learned a lot about photography working for others but I learned even more about being a professional, caring for clients, and delivering what I’ve promised.

No matter the job, no matter the location, I pride myself on delivering high quality work at a great value. Clients who don’t feel they’re photogenic regularly tell me how confident and relaxed they feel after sitting for me.

I started my journey as a photographer in high school where I first took a photography class. By the time that class had ended I was set on becoming a photographer. I took senior pictures for myself and several friends. After high school I studied photojournalism in college and worked briefly in the newspaper industry before turning to portraiture, weddings, and events.

Stylistically my work is a mix of dramatic documentary and lifestyle. For me it’s all about the lighting and controlling it whenever possible. Adding some pop to my photos with dramatic lighting, settings, and poses takes classic wedding documentary to a more artistic level and gives my clients beautiful pieces of art that they’ll love to display as much as memories and keepsakes as works of art.

Sarah and RandyWhen it comes to your wedding you can trust that my eye, my experience, and the experience of my second photographer and assistant Sarah will make your special day as stress free as possible. Sarah has been assisting and photographing with me since 2008 and works every wedding with me. Sarah’s work is a mix of classic, lifestyle, and documentary. Her ability to capture the moment, to document details, and to pose couples is unmatched.

With Sarah and I you get the full package. We both love photographing weddings. We’ve got a range of skills that give us a unique ability to capture your wedding in a way you’ll absolutely love and we are committed to understanding what you need and want when it comes to your wedding photos.

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